H3SoB “Return To The Wild!” Campout

Plenty of thrills, but NO FRILLS Campout! We’ve reserved the Caballo Group site and will set trail. You bring EVERYTHING else you need to enjoy the weekend!

When: Friday, 16 July at 2 p.m. until Sunday, 18 July at Noon (in the Year 2021, of course)

Where: The Caballo Loop at Sage Hill Campgrounds, Los Padres, CA (map link: https://goo.gl/maps/5Dw5vbEDtX22 )

Cost: $0, although we will gratefully accept donations at the campsite for H3SoB’s incurred expenses.

**Parking fee is $10 per day per vehicle**

***RVs of all sizes are welcome and count as one vehicle***

Registration & COVID-19 Vaccination REQUIRED. You must present your vaccination card upon check-in showing that you have been fully vaccinated.

Register here: https://forms.gle/wQbU8HXQWCMB5yeT6
Vaccinate here: www.vaccines.gov

Who’s Cumming: https://venturacountyh3.com/campout-2021-whos-cumming/

~Campground has flush toilets, running water, a fire pit, and a group BBQ pit. NO ELECTRICITY~

WHAT TO BRING: Other than the obvious (tent, sleeping bag, camping chairs, bug spray, etc.), here’s a list of items you will want to bring along to the H3SoB Return to the Wild Campout on July 16th:

  1. Lots of booze.
  2. Lots of water.
  3. Lots of ice.
  4. Your own food for two days, and a means of preparing and serving it (stove, pans, utensils, plates, forks, whatever).
  5. COVID-19 Vaccination Card. You must have this card to prove you have been fully vaccinated to attend. There, we’ve said it twice now.
  6. Swimming attire, maybe an inflatable for the swimming hole. 
  7. Condoms (love connections do happen at campout).
  8. Headlamp/flashlight – for nighttime trips to the loo and such.  *Note: these are NOT permitted at the midnight hash Saturday night.
  9. Jacket – it can get pretty cold at night, and the decision whether or not to take a piss or suffer permanent bladder damage should never come up.
  10. Extra toilet paper.  The four flush toilets at the campsite are usually well-stocked with paper, but being prepared in this regard may just save your life.
  11. Soap, shampoo, and a solar shower. 
  12. Fun, drunken, and/or naughty games you might want to introduce.
  13. And the obvious – vessels, whistles, hash attire, and shiggy socks.

Questions? Email Max Lode at MaxLode@cox.net