Campout: Don’t Forget These!

Other than the obvious (tent, sleeping bag, camping chairs, bug spray, etc.), here’s a list of items you will want to bring along to the California Wet Dreaming Campout on June 30th:

  1. Something – ANYTHING – that brings to mind the roaring ’20s/’30s for the Speakeasy Tent Pub Crawl.
  2. A dish for Friday night’s potluck that serves at least 8.  We’ll provide the meats.
  3. Tutu for Saturday (all day!).
  4. Any alcoholic beverage other than beer that you may want to consume at campout.
  5. Extra water (plenty will be on hand, but it’s always nice to have some right there when you are dying of alcohol-induced dehydration).
  6. Cooler.  With your own ice.  Ice brought by Hash Campout Mismanagement is off limits (sorry).
  7. Bathing suit for Saturday (or whenever you fancy).  This year, the river must be excited about our arrival, cuz she’s dripping wet.
  8. An inflatable or two for the swimming hole.
  9. Water guns for whenever.
  10. Condoms (love connections do happen at campout).
  11. Ideas on how to murder an entire colony of yellow jackets.  They weren’t present the last two years, but you never know.
  12. Headlamp/flashlight – for nighttime trips to the loo and such.  *Note: these are NOT permitted at the midnight hash Saturday night.
  13. Jacket – it can get pretty cold at night, and the decision whether or not to take a piss or suffer permanent bladder damage should never come up.
  14. Extra toilet paper.  The four flush toilets at the campsite are usually well-stocked with paper, but being prepared in this regard may just save your life.
  15. Soap and shampoo.  We will have a HOT-WATER shower tent this year.
  16. And the obvious – vessels, whistles, and shiggy socks

I’ll update this list as I think of more necessities for you to pack.  If you have any great ideas to list, email them to and I’ll consider them carefully.

On On!

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