Campout 2018

Face Down! Ash Up! Campout

An SB /VC Interkennel Undertaking

6 -8  July, 2018 (save this date!)


The Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties have endured much over the last year, but we hashers remain unscathed by Mother Nature’s fiendishness. On 6 July, we’ll be sticking our asses in the air and farting in her general direction as we launch (face down, of course) our annual weekend-long party in the Los Padres National Forest! Show up with a thirst, my friends. It shall be quenched by the keg.

***To register, go to the Google Form at ***
When: Tapping kegs at 2:00 p.m. Friday, 6 July. GTFO by 12:00 p.m. Sunday, 8 July, 2018
Event Location: Caballo Loop (the furthest loop to the east/right), Sage Hill Campground, Las Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara, CA
The cost is as follows: $85 until 10 June; $95 from 11 June to 3 July. For shorter stays or to just do the main hash on Saturday, see cost and details in the rego form.
*Rego closes at midnight on 3 July.
**We are limited to only 75 hashers, so don’t delay!
***As this is an alcohol-guzzling gathering, only persons 21 years of age or older may attend.
Payment: As always, PayPal, Venmo, Check, and Cash will be accepted for payment. However, your rego is NOT complete until payment is received. Payment instructions are in the form.
What you’ll get:
*Crafted beer on tap and basic canned brew whenever you want it.
*Scrumptious, piping-hot Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday, and another hot Breakfast on Sunday (Friday’s dinner will be POTLUCK with generous meat contributions from your hosts, so please bring a side dish or dessert that’ll serve at least 15).
*Your Mama Says You’re Ugly Tent Pub Crawl Friday night (volunteers requested for hosting – bring your best conCOCKtions!).
*Mind-bending, shiggyriffic hash at 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning
*Tantilizing clothing-optional (unless you lose) drinking games and sports.
*More Beer!
*Star Whores Shooting Star hash after dinner.
*Midnight Hash! 😉
*Short, but sweet hangover hash directly after breakfast Sunday morning.
*Unique gimmes!
*Campground fees covered, but parking will cost an extra $10 per vehicle, so please carpool if possible!
*And, of course, BEER!!!
Questions? Either message me (Palmer Anderson) on Facebook or shoot me an email (
How to find the SB/VC Interkennel California Wet Dreaming Campout:
For those needing more step-by-step instruction, here ya go. Take the 101 to Exit 101B. This will get you to the 154 (which only goes north from this point). Head north for about 9.5 or so miles until you see the Paradise Road sign. Turn right onto Paradise Road and head east for around 4.5ish miles. Look for a sign that says “Sage Hill Campground” on the right that is directing you to turn left. Turn left. Follow the windng road past the ranger station and across the river. Once you’re on the other side at a dead end, turn right. You’ll cross a bridge. At that point you are in the Caballo Loop (our loop). Look for wankers doing interesting things with tent poles.


Questions? Need more info?  Either message me (Palmer Anderson) on Facebook or shoot me an email (


I hope to see you there!

On On!


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