Campout 2017

California Wet Dreaming Campout

An SB /VC Interkennel Undertaking

30 June – 2 July, 2017 (save this date!)


Rego is now closed.

Who’s Coming?

How to find the SB/VC Interkennel California Wet Dreaming Campout: Hover mouse over this link and click –
For those needing more step-by-step instruction, here ya go. Take the 101 to Exit 101B. This will get you to the 154 (which only goes north from this point). Head north for about 9.5 or so miles until you see the Paradise Road sign. Turn right onto Paradise Road and head east for around 4.5ish miles. Look for a sign that says “Sage Hill Campground” on the right that is directing you to turn left. Turn left. Follow the windng road past the ranger station and across the river. Once you’re on the other side at a dead end, turn right. You’ll cross a bridge. At that point you are in the Caballo Loop (our loop). Look for wankers doing interesting things with tent poles.

Questions? Need more info?  Either message me (Palmer Anderson) on Facebook or shoot me an email (

I hope to see you there!
On On!
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